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5 Questions to Start Your Summer

May 26, 2018

We all have our favorite season. I admire you summer loving, beach going, relaxed peeps, but it’s only recently that I’ve grown to appreciate summer. I thought summer was about flip-flops, suntans and minimal expectations. But I had it all wrong. Summer is all about one thing…


We’ve been trained since kindergarten that summer = freedom. And oh what a glorious thing to wake up and decide what to do.

Now I know that we’re grownups and very few days are like that now. But the freedom of summer is a rhythm that refuses to die in me. You too?

Embrace it. Even if there’s no technical break in your weekly routine, summer is the perfect time to quit normal and dabble with different.

What do you quit? What should you start? I suggest that before summer hits you start with some questions. They’ll help you decide what to do with your freedom. So if you’re introspective, grab a pen (or keyboard) and settle down for some good thinking. If you process best with people, treat your friend to coffee and create some conversation.

  1. What was your best memory from last summer?
  2. What’s been missing from the last 3 months of your life?
  3. What do you want to let go of for summer?
  4. In three words, describe what you want summer to look like.
  5. Religiosity aside, be real: what one thing do you need most from God this summer?

Bonus Questions:

What do you need to do the next 10 days to start your summer well?

Who will you be with this summer?

Hope these questions lead to a summer that ends with gratitude and looks forward to fall!

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