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Who I Am

The Short

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Nevada, Reno and a Master’s degree in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. I’m married to my favorite person, Cheyne and we are just beginning the grand adventure of parenting the wonderful Rylee Grace. Officially, I’m Thrive School’s Campus Life Director. Unofficially my office is a place of laughter, crying and the peculiar mess of making disciples.

You Should Know

I’m a PK, homeschooled, second of 5 kid to the best parents. You’d think my testimony was boring, but that’s only because you see the outside. The inside me is being transformed.

Church was always home growing up. From the enclosed garden at OFB to the laser tag lobby of our church plant, church was home.

Homes are messy.

I have two great burning passions: I want you to know who God is, and I live to see the Church be the Church.

What I Believe

I’d rather be faithful than original, so here’s a link to the doctrinal statement of the church I call home. I affirm these truths.

Speaking Request

To invite me to come share with your people, please contact me here. I look forward to talking!

Talks I Do

Think Well

Why Does God Allow So Much Evil and Suffering?

The number one reason people say they don’t believe in God is because there’s so much suffering and evil in the world. If God is good, knows about evil and is powerful enough to stop it, then why does evil exist? This is an important objection to the Christian faith. Come explore the question of why God allows evil and learn what the Bible has to say in response.

Embracing Tough Questions

What are you most afraid people will ask you about your faith? I used to have a long list and often it kept me from sharing my faith. But I’ve learned to embrace those tough questions. Whatever question keeps you from sharing your faith or fully believing in God yourself, I’d love to share how to approach those question so they unlock great conversations about God and faith.

How Do You Share Your Faith in a Hostile Culture?

Increasingly, our culture thinks faith is irrelevant and dangerous. The Christian faith is based on a book many people consider false and offensive. How do you hold tight to the truths of Scripture without being labeled a bigot? How do you stand firm when people assume you’re intolerant? Is there a way to communicate your beliefs while being full of grace and truth? This talk will address how Christians can have great conversations with people about our faith.

The Essentials of Christianity

Popular culture says that all religions are basically the same. A careful investigation, however, shows that Christianity is unique in its core beliefs. In this introduction to theology, we will explore the core teachings of the Christian faith. Come learn the things that distinguish Christianity from every other religion and worldview.

The Story of God’s People: Church History in an Hour

We show up every weekend, but what are we part of? I’ve grown up in church and seen her for all her glory. I’ve also seen the underbelly. I would never be able to love the Church if I didn’t know her story. It’s a tangled web of sinners and saints, but studying it has helped me fall in love with God’s bride. I’ll barely do justice to the story, but we’ll examine the common threads and ask when does the Church thrive? When does it falter? What does its past say about our present? What can we learn to create the best future?

Identifying and Responding to Logical Fallacies

Have you ever faced an argument against Christianity and felt totally lost? You don’t have to read 17 apologetics books to know how to respond. The best place to start is by understanding the basics of logic so you can assess whether an argument is valid. If it is, you’ll know where to focus your study. If it isn’t, you’ll know where it went wrong and why. In this talk you’ll learn to spot logical fallacies such as red herrings, straw man arguments and ad hominem attacks. Don’t be overwhelmed by rhetoric, learn the basics of logic and put it to use in everyday apologetics!

The Evidence for the Resurrection

At the center of Christianity lies an audacious claim: a man rose from the dead. The Apostle Paul says our faith is null if the resurrection didn’t happen. This claim sets Christianity apart from all other world religions. If Jesus rose from the dead, this gives immense credibility to the claims of Christ. If he didn’t, game over. Christianity is a nice but false story. So did it happen? Can someone in the age of reason and science rationally believe that Jesus rose from the dead? Aren’t reports of the miraculous inherently implausible and thus should never be believed? Together, we will examine the evidence for this historical claim. 

Lead Well

Embracing Your Call as a Woman to Lead

You’ve been given one life to live. You have gifts the world desperately needs. God has prepared work for you to do. This is all true, but many of us have a hard time embracing it. This talk will examine the obstacles to women in leadership and equip you to lead right where you are. And if you’re a woman thinking “this doesn’t apply to me,” it especially applies to you and I hope you’ll join me to see why!

Confident Communication

Most people are deathly afraid of public speaking. Yet clear and confident communication is a skill that can be achieved by anyone! Whether it’s a business presentation, sharing in your small group study, or even standing before a group teaching God’s word, wouldn’t it be nice to meet these scenarios with confidence? What if you could communicate in such a way that the attention was off of nervous you and on your valuable message? Join me as we learn and practice together the art of confident communication.


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